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Airport Limo Service

Atlanta Airport Limo Service

Are you flying to Atlanta? then, contact Atlanta airport limo service for a very safe and affordable transportation from the airport to your hotel. when it comes to airport transportation, you may have three main choices; taxi service, rideshare (UBER or Lyft) and Limo service. I will compare the three (3) and you will be the judge.

Airport Taxi Service:

atlanta airport limo service,airport taxi Service

Atlanta airport limo service

Firstly, reviews and customer experience shows that, airport taxi’s are not clean and also operates by unprofessional drivers. Even though they do curry taxi commercial insurance, the type of service they provides does not come near to airport limo service.

Secondly, lets compare their rates and prices. Airport taxi service uses Meter to calculate their rates whiles Atlanta airport limo use flat rate. Airport Taxi service drivers are also found of using long routs to boost up their fares.

Rideshare Service:

If you choose to use rideshare service, these are some important things you have to know:

Rideshare companies use its drivers personal insurance. Therefore, in case of serious accident, that personal insurance cannot help. More to that, Rideshare drivers does not do random drug screening which is a very serious safety concern.

In conclusion, Airport Limousine service should always be your best choice when you need a safe and comfortable ride to your destination. The picture above shows how we treat our customers. Our professional chauffeurs are always on time in picking you and dropping you off at your destination. Also, the rate and prices for Airport limousine service is almost or just a little bit higher than that of taxi service.

Please feel free to shop around but always think about your safety and that of your family first.

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