Chauffeured Transportation

Chauffeured Transportation In Atlanta: Chauffeured Transportation in Atlanta simply means having a professional driver, who will be driving you to your destination(s). This professional driver is called a chauffeur or chauffeuse if she is woman. More to that, before EarthTran Global employs a driver to be a chauffeur or chauffeuse that means the driver has a past clean 7 year motor vehicle record, must be 25 years or older and has also pass drug and criminal background check and will still undergo random drug test. In addition, this driver will always be dress professionally Now that you know your chauffeur, let’s talk about when you need one. ┬áDo I need a Chauffeured Transportation? You may need a chauffeured transportation in Atlanta for the following: Traveling to the Airport: Getting chauffeured for your Airport transportation is a smart thing to do since this will save you time and money for driving yourself in a traffic and finding a parking sport at the Airport which can be more costly when you spend some few days before returning. Corporate/ business meetings: Chauffeured transportation is one of the best option for corporate and business travel. You always has to impress your clients by showing up in time and in style. More to that, traveling in a group for business will be a good idea to get a bus with a professional chauffeur. Special occasions/ events (Weddings,Prom,Anniversary, birthdays, Night out in town): for the safety of you and others, chauffeur transportation is a must if … Continue reading Chauffeured Transportation