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Limo Services – Atlanta Limo Service

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 Limo Service & Special Events Transportation:

Limo service is one of the best and reliable transportation services you should consider when having or attending special events. Anywhere the word limo appears the word that normally comes in mind is “Expensive” but in most cases it’s really affordable depending on the type of company your are dealing with. Secondly, most people often refers the word limo as only a stretch sedan limousine vehicle which is also wrong. Limousine can be a sedan, SUV,van, or even a bus. EarthTran Global Limousine is one of Atlanta limo service company who offers an affordable rates for special event transportation.

Party Bus Rental: 

Most people also get confuse with a party bus with a limousine. As the name implies, a party bus is more like a small night club on wheels. A party bus rental may have a pole inside for dancing and smoking may be allow in the bus. Party bus rental may have some age restrictions since it will not be an idea rental for sweet 16. in contrast, Limousine rental does not have no age restrictions and smoking are not allow in most limousines.

Limo Service Pricing:  

limo service atlanta

limo service

Normally, Limousine rates are calculated base on the size of your guest, the number of hours you going to need and the type of vehicle that will be a perfect fit for your event. More to that, the Limousine company you’re dealing with can also have a great impact on the prices. Therefore, just do your homework by knowing the number of your guest, how many hours you going need, and your preferred Limousine vehicle.

The following are some of the special events transportation services we provide.

Corporate Event Limousine service:

EarthTran Global Limousine provides the best transportation services for all corporate events. Please learn more at: Corporate Event transportation 

Limo Service for Wedding:

We also provides transportation services for weddings, anniversary and more. No matter the size and complicated of your wedding, we always have the perfect and the right Limo for you and your guest. You can learn more at Wedding transportation.

Sporting Event Limo Service:

In addition to our services, we also provides transportation to all sporting events and concerts within Atlanta and it’s vicinity. Is it a game day? and you’re looking for a perfect transportation services for you and your group, then contact us for an affordable transportation rate. Learn more at Sporting and Concert events transportation.

More to the above transportation services, we also provides Limo service for:

The last but not the least, we do have Limousines and buses which are always perfect for any event. Our fleet include but not limited to stretch limousines, luxury sedans, luxury SUV’s, Van’s, Buses and coaches.

We encourage you to make your reservation online or you can always call our dedicated 24/7 customer service are (800) 967-6311.

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